Technology Mentoring with ICaP

From Fall 2014- Spring 2016, I served as a Technology Mentor for the Introductory Composition Program (ICaP) in the Department of English at Purdue University. As a Tech Mentor, I worked with ICaP graduate mentors to teach ENGL 505 A&B, a year-long composition pedagogy course taken by each incoming graduate teaching assistant.

Mentoring Workshops

I worked with small groups of graduate student instructors to emphasize using technology in the composition classroom to align with ICaP technology goals, means, and outcomes. Twice a week, I met with mentor groups  in a studio-like computer lab setting to demonstrate how to use specific tools and how to approach technology as a pedagogical tool in composition classrooms. Activities in 505 A&B ranged from brainstorming how to introduce technology alongside assignments, lesson planning, troubleshooting, and developing rubrics for assessing students’ multimodal projects. I also held weekly office hours to accommodate graduate instructors’ technology questions.

I led workshops and trained instructors on topics such as:

the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

Teaching with collaborative online texts (Google Drive, Prezi, Dropbox)

Visual rhetoric production and analysis

Assessment of multimodal assignments & assignment design

Developing accessible classroom materials (Adobe Acrobat Pro, alt text, captions)

Using the computer lab in First-Year Composition

Audio software, social media in the classroom, and moving making software and theory. (Audacity, iMovie, MovieMaker, Camtasia)

Teaching and designing research posters (for professional development & composition assignments)

While serving as a mentor, I developed three original workshops: Developing Accessible Classroom Materials, Recording Your Teaching & Observation Pedagogy, and Teaching Digital Poster Composition (linked below).

Other Resources & Workshops

Purdue OWL Resource on Data Visualization: Best Practices for Working with Graphics in Print & On Screen