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To use the Text Analysis Tool, start by entering the URL of the webpage you want to analyze in the designated input field. If you prefer to analyze your own text, you can type or paste it directly into the text input area. Once you have provided either a URL or text, click the \”Analyze Text\” button to initiate the analysis process. The tool will then begin processing your input, extracting the necessary data for analysis.

If you have entered a URL, the tool will fetch the content from the specified webpage. This process may take a few moments, so please be patient while the tool retrieves and analyzes the webpage content. During this time, a loading bar will be displayed to indicate that the tool is working. Once the content has been successfully fetched, the tool will proceed to analyze the text, calculating key metrics such as word count, character count, sentence count, and the average number of words per sentence.

After the analysis is complete, the results will be displayed in a clear and organized table format. The table includes detailed metrics that provide valuable insights into the structure and readability of the text. Whether you are evaluating your own writing or examining content from a webpage, the Text Analysis Tool offers a comprehensive and user-friendly way to understand and improve your text. Remember, when entering a URL, a short wait is necessary while the tool processes the webpage content, but the detailed analysis results are well worth the wait.

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